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About this cap table

This is exactly the kind of cap table that law firms or venture capitalists would use in a venture capital financing transaction.

It shows you:

1. Capitalization of a company at founding (before preferred stock financing – Series A financing)

2. Capitalization of a company after preferred stock financing – Series A financing

3. Capitalization calculated both on fully diluted basis and non fully diluted basis

4. Pre-money valuation and post-money valuation

5. Calculation of purchase price per share

6. Shareholding of all shareholders of the company

I am surprised that many cap tables you can download from other websites do not even address some of the above basic yet essential information that a cap table should address.  I hope you will find my cap table useful and helpful.

Excel format (.xls)

If you would like a copy of the cap table spreadsheet in excel format (.xls), please email me at:

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